What effect does caffeine have on human teeth?

Answer While caffeine does not appear to directly affect human teeth, the addictive nature of it may be indirectly affecting them. Beverages that contain caffeine often have ingredients that do affect the... Read More »

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Does caffeine have an effect on arthritis?

On One Hand: No Direct states caffeine is a stimulant seen in drinks such as coffee or tea and over-the-counter weight-loss pills and energy boosters. Its common side effects includ... Read More »

What Effect Does Humidity Have on Human Hair?

Humidity, which is defined by the measurement of invisible moisture in air vapor, can cause changes in the way human hair behaves. Understanding those changes can help prevent hair mishaps on humi... Read More »

What effect does one soda a day have on teeth?

Answer It will wear out your enamel over the years, making your teeth look more yellow.Soda also highly increases your chances of having cavities.Sodas, including ice tea and energy drinks, are on... Read More »

What effect does vinegar have on teeth?

Answerthe vinegar will de-calcify, or remove the calcium from the tooth making it rubbery. It can also be demonstrated by soaking egg in vinegar.i need help with this! please! i need more answers! ... Read More »