What effect does Loestrin 24 have if taken while pregnant?

Answer Birth control is one of the most widely used methods to prevent pregnancy. Loestrin Fe is a low-dose birth control pill that aims to provide women with shorter and lighter periods. According to Loe... Read More »

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What is the effect of taking Loestrin 24 while pregnant?

Although Loestrin 24 is an essentially harmless medication to healthy adults, the medication can cause complications if taken during pregnancy. If you become pregnant while taking Loestrin 24, it i... Read More »

Can a tapeworm effect a pregnant woman?

A tapeworm can be very dangerous to a pregnant woman. The bacteria from the worm can get to the baby. Consult your doctor about the best ways to handle this without hurting the baby.

Is there an effect of a tattoo not setting while pregnant?

Answer This one is a bit trickey...being pregnant will not affect the healing process of the tattoo by any noticable degree. HOWEVER... All professional artists that I know, myself included, flat-o... Read More »

What effect will aspirin have on a pregnant woman?

No, ibuprofen is perfectly safe for you and your baby during pregnancy and even afterwards, as long as you follow the directions on the packaging. Think, what does the hospital give babies when the... Read More »