What education or training are required to become a midwife?

Answer you need to be good with children and people and be kind thats all i can say chic

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Education and Training Required for a Physical Education Teacher?

A physical education teacher instructs school children about proper techniques for physical fitness and how to play sports., a career resources website, notes that physical educ... Read More »

What Is the Education & Training Required to Be a Nutritionist?

Nutritionists are healthcare professionals who promote healthy diets, advising people on how to eat right and take care of their bodies according to their particular health needs. Nutritionists may... Read More »

What education or training is required to become an orthodonist?

Apply to and be accepted at a Dental College and then PASS the course to be come a Dentist, THEN do the extra 3 years to become a Orthodontist, then spend about $100,000 to equip an office and then... Read More »

What training and education is required for photography?

Becoming a professional photographer requires not just talent and a good eye, but an understanding of the technical qualities of the medium. Determining which field of photography you wish to pursu... Read More »