What education is needed to become a credit counselor?

Answer The educational requirements to become a credit counselor vary depending on the type of work the counselor will be doing. To work for an established financial firm, a bachelor's degree in accountan... Read More »

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What education is needed to become a youth counselor?

The education you need to become a youth counselor is a master's degree in a counseling field, having studies in the area of education, psychology, or human services. You need two years of clinical... Read More »

Education Counselor Job Description?

Educational counselors who work in the school system perform a variety of duties relating to counseling and administration. Some of these duties are different depending upon the grade level of stud... Read More »

What degree is needed to be a school counselor?

Degree requirements for school counselors vary from state to state. Most states expect counselors to have a master's degree, but some will accept a bachelor's degree with additional graduate work. ... Read More »

Required Courses for an Education Counselor?

Education counselors are also called school counselors. An education counselor works with students at all levels, from elementary to post-secondary. The specific job description varies with the stu... Read More »