What economic system does Canada have?

Answer One of the world's wealthiest nations, Canada has a market-oriented economic system. With vast natural resources, Canada plays a significant role in international trade. The U.S. is its principal t... Read More »

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What economic system is used in the USA?

The United States is a market-oriented economy. According to Auburn University's "Glossary of Political Terms," a market economy is one that is regulated by the laws of supply and demand, rather th... Read More »

What is the U.S. economic system?

The U.S. economic system is the largest in the world as of 2009, with a gross domestic product of roughly $14.2 trillion. Much of this success lies in its limited control of the private sector, pro... Read More »

What is the global economic system?

At the end of World War II, many government officials began to notice the increasing interdependence of the world's economy, where one nation's economic decisions have a great effect on the economi... Read More »

What economic system does France use?

France has a mixed economy in which state enterprises exist alongside privately owned businesses. According to the CIA World Factbook, France is in the middle of a transition from heavy government ... Read More »