What ebook format does an iPad 2 use?

Answer it can use the ePub, PDF, iBook, Kindle and Barnes & Noble ebook formats. Out of the box, it supports the ePub, PDF and iBook formats.

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How to Put an eBook on an iPad?

If you want to put a book on an iPad, you have a few options. eBooks come in several formats and depending on the format of your book, you will find one of the following methods suitable.

How to Open an Ebook in ISO Format?

When you download an Ebook in ISO format, you aren't downloading a file type that can be opened and viewed by normal means. An ISO file is actually an image of a CD or DVD that has been duplicated ... Read More »

How do I change an ebook format to put it on a Kindle?

Using CalibreDownload Calibre (see Resources) and install it on your computer. The software is free. Open the program and load your ebook file using the "Add Books" button at the top left side of t... Read More »

Anyone know of any good pdf to ebook format converters?

Try free calibre to convert eBooks.…Follow this guide and you are sure to catch it.