What eats water lilies?

Answer Water lily leaf beetles, China mark moths (sandwich man), aquatic moths, aphids, leaf mining midges, pond and apple snails, turtles, koi, deer, ducks, beavers, moose, muskrats and porcupines all ea... Read More »

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What is the habitat of water lilies?

Water lilies are floating aquatic plants that are native to many parts of the world. Fifty-eight species of the plant exist in the same basic habitat.Habitat CharacteristicsWater lilies prefer calm... Read More »

Can you float water lilies right on water&they will grow?

A water lily must be rooted in soil or other planting material. Planting depth varies with the lily species; the plant will grow to the surface of the water, and the leaves will float. A separated ... Read More »

What year was"Water Lilies"painted?

Claude Monet's famous painting "Water Lilies" was painted in 1906 and is on display in The Art Institute of Chicago. His painting "Water Lilies (The Clouds)" was painted in 1903 and is privately ow... Read More »

What season do water lilies bloom in?

Water lilies grow in water and bloom throughout the summer. Tropical water lilies can be expected to produce flowers starting in the late spring until early fall, and flower during the day or at ni... Read More »