What eats stink bugs?

Answer From: Est-ut-sic : I have observed Black Widow Spiders (Latrodectus hesperas) both in the wild and 2 in captivity that absolutely loved sucking stink bugs dry. For the 2 in captivity it appeared ... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs?

Are stinkbugs a problem in your home? This article will show you how to get rid of them!

How do I get rid of stink bugs?

when you see a stink bug, take a tissue, pick it up, throw it away...they are harmless. You will probably keep getting them inside until the weather stays warm for the Summer

All About the Stink Bugs in Pennsylvania?

Stink bugs are native to China, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries where the insect reproduces up to six times a year. The brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) has a light gray and br... Read More »

Do stink bugs bite?

The large shield-shaped Pentatomoidea bugs will bite people and pets with their large piercing mandibles, but usually only when disturbed. Most times you will only get sprayed by their horrible odor.