What eats silverfish insects?

Answer The only known predators of silverfish insects are spiders, according to the Discover Life website. Upon encountering a silverfish, often in a dark or damp place, a spider will kill and eat the ins... Read More »

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How to Kill Silverfish Insects?

Silverfish are bugs found in many households. They eat cereal, flour, fabrics, and even the paste in bookbindings and wallpaper glue. The silverfish is a wingless bug, covered with scales. The adul... Read More »

What Type of Bird Eats Weeds & Insects?

People often consider weeds and insects to be pests, but for some birds, they are a lifeline. Nature lovers know that no matter what the neighbors think, bugs and dandelions in the yard will be a w... Read More »

What is a silverfish?

Silverfish are small, wingless insects that are known for their silvery scales, long antennas and catfish-like appearance. Silverfish reside in homes and buildings looking for high humidity areas, ... Read More »

What do silverfish eat?

Silverfish primarily eat small food crumbs and particles such as cereal grains and other starches. However, they will eat almost anything they can get a hold of such as paper, book glue, cotton, s... Read More »