What eats sea sponges?

Answer Sea sponges cannot move and have no protective outer layer, so they release chemical toxins as protection against predators. These toxins do not deter all spongiverous, or sponge-eating, species. T... Read More »

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What Are Titanium Sponges?

Titanium is an abundant element found in nature, usually combined in ores with other elements. Credit with its discovery is given to William Gregor in 1791, who identified the new element contained... Read More »

What would eat sea sponges?

Hawksbill sea turtles eat sea sponges as part of their diet. This turtle's narrow head and acute jaws make it easy for it to eat sponges out of the nooks and crannies where they live.Source:The Tur... Read More »

What are cleaning sponges made of?

Natural sponges are dried sea creatures with a soft skeleton made of spongin and porous, leathery skin. Today, most cleaning sponges are synthetic, made from cellulose (broken down from wood pulp w... Read More »

What kind of animal are sea sponges?

One of the strangest animals living in the ocean is the sea sponge, which doesn't look like an animal at all but instead resembles something that belongs in your kitchen. However, as inanimate as t... Read More »