What eats honeybees?

Answer Birds and dragonflies mostly.

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How do honeybees pollinate flowers?

There are three castes of honeybees in a hive: workers, drones and the queen. The bees responsible for pollination are worker bees, which find a source, communicate it to the hive and collect and d... Read More »

Science Activities About Honeybees?

Honeybees provide great service to society: In addition to the honey they produce and their increasing role in alternative medicine, honeybees are important in commercial pollination. They pollinat... Read More »

Honeybees in my flower garden. How to get rid of them?

No wonder you had no success with a cricket bat-- those are for crickets.

Is a linden tree toxic to honeybees?

There are many different poisonous flowers and trees the honeybee will make honey with from the nectar, and even though the honey is poisonous, it does not affect the bee. The linden tree is not on... Read More »