What eats eggplant plants in a garden?

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What eats eggplant leaves in a garden?

Which garden pest eats primula flowers?

Primula plants are a flowering plant found in Europe and Asia. The primula plant is commonly dubbed as a "cowslip" due to it being commonly found growing in cow manure. Snails and slugs tend to fea... Read More »

What eats corn stalks that have just emerged out of the garden/ground?

Corn rootworms, white grubs and European corn borers damage newly emerging corn seedlings by boring into the stalks and leaves of young corn plants or feeding on the plant's tender roots. The growi... Read More »

What eats vinca plants?

The vinca is a sturdy and generally pest-resistant perennial ground cover. The only pests known to bother vinca are aphids, though it is not very common. Even rabbits and deer do not like to eat vi... Read More »