What eats a northern leopard frog?

Answer A number of predators eat northern leopard frogs, including bass, pike, green and bull frogs, garter snakes, hawks, herons, raccoons, foxes, minks and otters, according to the University of Michiga... Read More »

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What type of frog eats grasshoppers?

Most frogs, especially tree frogs, wood frogs and bullfrogs, eat grasshoppers. Frogs watch for anything moving in their ponds and then stalk and attack them. You can feed grasshoppers to your pet f... Read More »

On Ally McBeal what was the name of the frog Nell gave John when his frog died?

Frog problem : we have a pond in front garden but one frog insists in sitting at back door at night.?

Frogs return to the water to mate. The rest of the time, they hunt for prey on lawns and in flower borders. They especially like slugs and worms, which you don't find in ponds.Solution : position p... Read More »

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