How to Drive on Murram Roads in East Africa?

Answer Typical murram roadDriving on murram [1] roads in East Africa is challenging and requires additional skills when compared to sealed or 'tarmac' roads.

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Where in the north east UK can I buy a drive belt for a Russell hobbs powerclean 2000 vacuum cleaner?

If your anywhere near Middlesbrough you could try Rollo's they generally have a load of spare parts or something that is compatible Their phone number is 01642 242281/ or 01642 219087

How can I get the waivers needed to get NBC east and NBC west and abc east and abc west and fox east and fox west with dish network or American direct?

What free to air channels can you watch on 68.5 degree east in east Africa using a ku band LNB with a multichoice dish?

Dish Network remote codes for Westinghouse are 500, 505, 630, 659, 664, 670, 672, 674, 680.

Islay... or Highland?

Laphroaig is an Islay whisky by the way, not speyside...I prefer Islay whiskies because they are the richest and most flavourful. They have the best character I think. Ardbeg is just fantastic.