What drink symbolises your personality?

Answer Vodka - Cos you can see right through me, and I'm horrible on my own. But mix me with coke (!) and I'm great.

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What personality traits to you hope your baby picks up from you or your husband/SO?

Well considering he already looks like him... literally a little mini clone...LOL! I hope and pray that Dane gets my husbands sense of humor and that "vibe" he gives off. People just love my husban... Read More »

If your doctor told you that one more drink would kiII you, what drink would you choose as your last?

ooh GOOD pull straight from a handle of captain morgan till i died. maybe id finish the whole thing.

What type of a hat suits your personality.?

aye,, this one matey,, was a great gift given! SAVVY! ;)

If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be?

To be more outgoing. I grew up as an only child and sometimes I'm more quiet than others in a crowd. Those who don't know me take it as me being stuck up. But those who do know me say I'm funny, wi... Read More »