What should i order at olive garden next time?

Answer soup, salad and breadsticks

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Goin to the BAR!! what drink should i order?

A traditional New Orleans style Hurricane!

I'm going out for drinks with some manly men. What kind of drink should I order?

Have you ever drank a Gang Grape? It's Chardonnay, Grenadine, Vodka, Orange Juice with a half a cherry garnish.

I'm fixing to turn 21 and am going out to a dance club. What drink should I order for my "First"?

If you've never had alcohol or hard liquor, stick to the sweet liqueurs - although there is this idea that all cocktails come with umbrellas and fancy decor, the best and most sophisticated ones do... Read More »

Should San Diegans order shark next time they go out for seafood?

Is that a joke?I'll bite.Punny, very punny.It is a touch ironic that a retired veterinarian is killed by a wild creature.