What drink makes you pee the most?

Answer Cranberry juice. Sounds like a bladder infection. Cranberry juice is a natural remedy for that too!

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If I drink alcohol and that makes me a alcoholic, if I drink fanta, does that make me fantastic?

That was an awesome question, dude. You put a smile on my face. Just what I needed! *chuckle*

Vodka makes me sick and I'm looking for a new drink, help?

Tequila sunrise, or maybe just wine. Both of them dont give me hangovers, im just usually a little dizzy in the morning haha. I also like codys, theyre abit gross if you dont like bourbon though. O... Read More »

Soda makes me vomit after I drink even just a little?

Ha ha. Ahhhhhhh. I wouldnt include soda in my diet. Its very unlike any kind of healthy drink. By excluding it you should see an improvement in your health which I think you can count on.

Who makes Tang orange drink?

Introduced in 1959 as a breakfast beverage, Tang--a powdered, orange-flavored drink--became famous when NASA used it as a space drink during the 1965 Gemini flight. Kraft produces Tang, selling it ... Read More »