Who's having a drink tonight and what are you drinking?

Answer Tea! And some 'nice' biscuits.Raving it up tonight! Oh yes.x

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What is your favorite drink What are you drinking right now?

I am drinking up the responses to my answers to your questions!What better drink is that!? Otherwise I am drinking Diet Coke and also a bit of apple juice.And, well, *blush* a bit of Budlite. =)Bu... Read More »

What is your drink of choice What are you drinking right now?

i sometimes joke around saying that i drink alcohol,but i don't.if i go out i order some of those fancy drinks virgin style,ie: pina colada or strawberry daily drinks are juice,water an... Read More »

What happens if you drink under the legal drinking age?

Liver damage is a big problem. It can increase your risk of getting liver damage.Alcoholics have trouble recognizing and avoiding dangerous situations because the area of their brain that is used ... Read More »

Toothache when drinking chilled drink?

Try buying some Sensodyne toothpaste for now. When you're back from vacation, you need to go to the dentist. You could have a cavity.