What dose this mean ?

Answer They seem to be suggesting that you are a hypochondriac and if that happens to be true then you may have an anxiety problem.Yoga is good for anxiety, stress, worry and depression and can help you t... Read More »

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This realy happend folks..what dose it mean............?

I think you have a very kind Dr. who has compassion for her patients when she knows they are going through some emotionally difficult times. I'm sure she recognizes that you're a caring person who ... Read More »

What dose this mean it has to do with workout pills.?

Workout pills - lol. Sae your money, they do nothing. Eat a proper diet.

What dose rfu dc out mean on the camcorder look like a small input holewhat can this do i dont have manual.?

It's not an input hole, it's an output hole. (That's why it says "out")RFU is an abbreviation for r.f. unit. It. produces an r.f. signal modulated by the camera's video and audio information. That... Read More »

What dose up-scale mean in regard to blu-ray DVD players mean?