What dose rp mean please anwser?

Answer Role Playing

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What is an 'addy' Can someone please anwser my question!?

PLEASE ANWSER how can i get rid of my acne?

Hi,I will be straight forward and very brief,I also had acne, through my experience, this is my suggestions,1. Wash your pillow every 2 weeks or whenever you think it is getting dirty.2. Say goodby... Read More »

My Mom is very sick PLEASE ANWSER !!!!!!?

This is a big load to carry, at your age! I commend you on your trying to help her, in this way! You are a good son! I know she is so very proud of you!!Sweety, do you believe in God and prayer? I ... Read More »

What dose up-scale mean in regard to blu-ray DVD players mean?