What dose giving birth look like?

Answer It looks icky! You can watch a video of it on youtube if you are over 18.

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Can you feel what giving birth is like without being pregnant?

You can't feel what giving birth is like without giving birth! :-) Read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin-the midwife of all midwives in the US. This book will give you some idea what... Read More »

Men, if you could, woudl you want to experience what it's like to go through giving birth?

I read somewhere that a man (Aside from the obvious not having the uterus part) could not actually carry a baby. Becuase of the make-up of their muscular system it would actually snap their spine. ... Read More »

What dose rfu dc out mean on the camcorder look like a small input holewhat can this do i dont have manual.?

It's not an input hole, it's an output hole. (That's why it says "out")RFU is an abbreviation for r.f. unit. It. produces an r.f. signal modulated by the camera's video and audio information. That... Read More »

What is the advantages of giving birth in a birth center?

About 99 percent of women who have used birthing centers would recommend it to their friends or use it again for their subsequent delivery. Birthing centers are often cheaper than hospitals, and pr... Read More »