What dose bupers man art c 10310 mean?

Answer The government does determine whether someone has committed a criminal offense through the process of a trial. This applies to all criminal acts. Added: In the case of Al Qaeda, (and other persons ... Read More »

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What dose bupers man art c-10310 mean?

There are no other codes. Discharge was honorable. *I meant "does".

What dose bupers man art c-10314 mean navy?

The term stands for Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS) Manual, Article #C-10314. Or another way to say it is that it's a specific article in the Bupers Manual, the designation of which is C-10314.

What does Bupers Manual Article C10312 Code 488 mean?

The consequences can vary from a page 11 entry to special court-martial and a BCD. Depends on how many bad checks were written, and how much money was involved. Usually, first offense or two will b... Read More »

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