What dose a baby's hurt cry sound like?

Answer Its Sort Of Like A Yell That Youu Would mAke When Youu Are Hurt.But Of COurse It Wont Sound The Ame.. A Bit More High Pitched

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If you took a small dose of cocaine a day like a vitamin, would it hurt you?

There is no such thing as a "small dose." A line of coke isn't exactly 10 cups of coffee. Assuming you never did cocaine before, that 1 line the first day will give you a nice buzz. After 2-3 days,... Read More »

Dose this sound like Sciatica or Diabetes?

hemoglobin does not measure whether you have diabetes or not! that is the HbA1c and average daily blood plasma. WE DO NOT GIVE OURSELVES DIABETES!! our pancreas gives us diabetes! it ceases to func... Read More »

What dose a sound bar do for ur tv?

It doesn't do anything for your TV, it does something for your ears. It is much louder than a TV speaker, and provides more bass.

What do mise babys look like?

thay have no fur and are very ugly!!