What dogwood tree has red berries?

Answer Dogwood refers to a family of deciduous trees. There are dozens of species of these trees, which can be found around the world. The red cloud dogwood, which is formally known as Cornus Florida, is ... Read More »

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Are Dogwood Tree Berries Poisonous to Dogs?

Dogwood trees are grown for their showy flowers, which appear in spring just before the leaves begin. While this colorful tree's name bears the word "dog," parts of dogwood trees are not necessaril... Read More »

How do I plant berries of wild dogwood trees?

Treat BerriesCollect dogwood berries when ripe--from September to October, depending on where you live. Place the berries in a large container, and add water, changing every two or three days until... Read More »

What is the dogwood tree used for?

The flowering dogwood tree is considered an ornamental tree and is commonly used in both residential and commercial landscapes. This woody ornamental makes a great understory in forests and produce... Read More »

What eats a dogwood tree?

The dogwood tree's most aggressive pursuer is the dogwood borer, a common insect in the Western United States and Canada. The insects, which also target other tree families, burrow beneath bark and... Read More »