What dog health problems cause poop eating?

Answer Coprophagia is the medical term used to describe a dog that eats feces. Behavioral issues aside, there are a number of health problems that cause poop eating in dogs.ScopeBy definition, coprophagia... Read More »

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Cat Health Problems: Eating?

Cat owners all know the distress of having a cat who cannot or will not eat. Cats who stop eating, or eat less than they should, are a major source of worry and are a problem that requires immediat... Read More »

Does eating Argo starch cause any health problems?

Answer This product is not sold in the UK but a quick Internet search uncovered the work of Dr Deas and apparently it causes anemia.Eating anything that is not considered "Food" is caused by an iro... Read More »

Why is my dog eating cat poop?

The ingestion of cat poop is not an unusual canine behavior. For humans this seems like one of the most disgusting things possible, but to a dog, cat poop is a delicacy.HungerA hungry dog will eat ... Read More »

How to Stop Dogs from Eating Dog Poop?

Dog Coprophagia is a prevalent problem in pet dogs. There are some simple techniques you can employ to stop this filthy and potentially dangerous problem.