What does'windows system32 config system'mean?

Answer According to Microsoft Tech support, the error message "windows system32 config system" could have a lot of meanings. There is not just one computer-related problem this could imply but many.Regist... Read More »

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How do i restore windows system32 config?

Restoring Windows System ConfigInsert your Windows installation disc into your CD or DVD drive. Restart your computer. Press any key on your keyboard to enter the Windows setup screen, when prompte... Read More »

What Is Windows System32 Cmd EXE?

The command interpreter, or "Command Line," in Microsoft Windows is located by default in the "Windows\System32" folder. The file is called "Cmd.exe." It is a useful utility that accepts executable... Read More »

What is Windows System32?

In Microsoft Windows, the System32 folder forms the core of the operating system files, the essence of Windows. The essential structure has remained unchanged since Windows 98, allowing for a relat... Read More »

What does @echo off del c:\windows\system32 do?

That would delete system32 folder without the command prompt coming up. Very sneaky to the non-tech inclined. It will render the computer inoperable.