What does'specific domain does not exist'mean?

Answer A domain name that does not exist generally means it is not registered. A domain that does not exist can be registered by anyone at a domain registering company such as The registratio... Read More »

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How do I get a web domain from a company that doesn't use it. And what, really is domain ownership?

You will not have rights to this name, and they can continue the agreement or not at their discretion. If they will not sell it, the best you can hope for is that they allow it to expire. Sorry, I ... Read More »

What does"net"stand for in a domain name?

"Net" stands for "network". When domain names were initiated, creators of the Internet wanted domains ending with "net" to be reserved for Internet service providers. However, the rule was never en... Read More »

What Is a Domain Name & How Does a Person Get One?

A domain name is essentially a nickname given to an Internet address. Domain names are assigned as registrations of such take place. As of October 2010, reports more than 123 millio... Read More »

What does domain name mean?

The address bar near the top of your Internet browser allows you to navigate to millions of websites. How the names translate into website locations is a matter of handling domain names.Domain Name... Read More »