What does"queued"mean on Bearshare?

Answer Bearshare downloads show up as "queued" if the files are coming from other users who go offline or stop using Bearshare. A "queued" status also appears when the user removes the file you're trying ... Read More »

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What does the red arrow mean in Bearshare?

The "red arrow" that sometimes will appear in the Bearshare multimedia sharing program is an indicator that there might be a problem with the file being downloaded. The problem could potentially b... Read More »

What player will run with Bearshare?

Bearshare will run on personal computers. It will also run with iPods and other portable media players, with the exception of the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Bearshare's Website offers a free tria... Read More »

How to Log on to Bearshare?

BearShare is peer-to-peer media downloading program. There is a version for PC and Mac systems. Users can download limited free music and video files shorter than 15 minutes. There is also a subscr... Read More »

Is Bearshare Pro legal?

Peer-to-peer data sharing programs like Bearshare Pro are not illegal in and of themselves, but it is illegal to use Bearshare to upload or download music, videos and other data without permission ... Read More »