What does"insert sim"mean on cingular cell phones?

Answer Your cell phone needs a few things to work properly--namely power and reception. But if your phone is from Cingluar--or as its now known, AT&T--you will also need a SIM card to connect your phone t... Read More »

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Why do cingular phones suck so much?

It is not always the company but the phone itself as well. I have never used a Pantech but always told not to get although AT&T (Cingular) offers great deals on these makes. Reviewing on www.CNET... Read More »

Should cell phones be banned from schools when cell phones help in emergencies?

On One Hand: Cause More Problems Than SolveCell phones can help students in emergencies but may cause more problems than they solve. Problems reported by Public School Review include the use of mob... Read More »

Will Cingular SIM cards work on T-Mobile phones?

Any Cingular phone that works with a SIM card can work on T-Mobile's cellular network provided the phone is unlocked. However, because Cingular (now AT&T) works on different frequency bands than T-... Read More »

How to Send Text Online to Cingular Phones?

Texting is a method of communication that allows users to send short messages between mobile phones. With the use of a web-based application, users can send a text message to a Cingular phone with ... Read More »