What does"don't rest on laurels"mean?

Answer The phrase "don't rest on your laurels" means not to get pompous about your success. It also means that someone still has a lot to learn. The expression dates to ancient Greece, when heroic individ... Read More »

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What is the cost of a rest home?

The average cost of a rest home is $192 per day, or $70,080, a year for a private room. Depending on the area of the country, this figure could be significantly less or more--sometimes up to $561 ... Read More »

What is the rest mass of a proton?

The rest mass of a proton is a fundamental constant, currently measured to be 1.672614e-27 kg (kilogram), 1.00727661 amu (atomic mass unit), or 938.2794 MeV (mega electron-volt). When particles ar... Read More »

What should I eat on rest days?

Well, you certainly are a healthy weight for your height, i must say ::=). Unless you are a serious body-builder, just eat the same healthy diet you eat on workout days: a varied diet of whole gr... Read More »

What is a daytime time rest lounge?