What does'compatible with cookies'on the computer mean?

Answer To a computer, a cookie is a nibble of information, technically known as name-value pairs, that is stored inside the Web browser on a user's machine. A browser that is compatible with cookies is ve... Read More »

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What does"operating system not found"mean with a computer?

"Operating System Not Found" means that your hard drive is not detectable by your basic input/output system (BIOS) or that your hard drive is damaged, often by a virus. Your best bet is to contact ... Read More »

What does this mean Computer is in danger! etc. with an exclamation mark in yellow?

DO NOT DO IT! That's exactly what happend to my computer a few weeks ago. It's a Spy Bot Virus. Don't do it. You need to scan your computer for the virus and try to take it out. A lot of times ... Read More »

Okay,what does it mean when I have these headphones I use with my speakers (in my computer),...?

TokVon - if there was a short in th headphones, you will get no audio at all, as the current will be drawn through the short, and completely bypass the headphone speakers... Make sure the connectio... Read More »

My papa gave me $4,000 for computer. What is the best lap top computer I can buy with this money?

Buy a laptop that is tht comes with the essential tools for your schooling..which is for example Microsoft Sutie like Powerpoint, Word, Excel, etc.Also, make sure you get a located that is small an... Read More »