What does"at your wit's end"mean?

Answer "At your wit's end" is an English idiomatic expression that means that you are at the limits of your mental resources. It can also mean that you are upset, because you are unable to determine the c... Read More »

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At my wits end with bed wetter and need help?

Tell him that next time he does that he will be sleeping for the rest of his nap/sleep with his face IN the mess. I bet that'll fix it. Good luck!

Im at my wits end....ipod 2nd gen help plz?

Plug it in, hold down home button and power button while on itunes and hold them down until it restarts, other than that idk

My oldest son has a horrible addiction and i am at my wits end i don't know what to do?

While in the hospital, seek psy help, he may be self medicating for a mental disorder. There are options if the psy doctor concider he's a danger to himself (like place him under conservatorship...... Read More »

My daughters suffer with terrible head lice, Ive tried all sorts to get rid of them, Im at my wits end!!?

Some kids get infested more than others. Feel sorry for you. Wish more parents would treat there children then the problem would be better. I find a really cheap method is to wash the hair put load... Read More »

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