What does'a banner day'mean?

Answer A "banner day" is a day during which a business or individual enjoys tremendous success. In American English, when a period of time is described as "banner" it means that it was highly successful. ... Read More »

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Does your favorite Gem♥ sparkle and shine Mine does♥?

How to replace picture banner with custom banner on tumblr?

Find this line in your theme:  (it's line 265 of the original theme, but I think you've made some modifications so it might not be exactly at that line in your version) and replace that line with... Read More »

What is a banner ad?

A web banner or banner ad is a method for advertising on the Internet using an image or simple animation, usually in the file format of a JPEG, GIF or PNG. Some banner ads include flash animations ... Read More »

What is an advertising banner?

An advertising banner is a rectangular box positioned on a Web page and containing promotional material about a product. Advertising banners are one of the dominant forms of advertising on the Inte... Read More »