What does"LEED certification"stand for in fabric?

Answer LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. In order for a fabric to be LEED certified, it must meet several requirements to be considered environmentally friendly, such as bein... Read More »

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Difference Between Permanent Press Fabric & Cotton Fabric?

Permanent press fabrics are those that have been specially treated with chemicals to resist wrinkles and hold their shape. While cotton fabric can be chemically treated to need little ironing, it l... Read More »

What is the best fabric for retaining pleats in a fabric bed skirt?

How to Install Fabric Air Duct/Fabric Ducts?

Fabric ducts can generally be installed in 60-80% of the time required to install an equivalent metal system.

How often do fabric manufacturers put out new toile fabric patterns?

Much like fashion designers, fabric manufacturers put out two new sets of fabric patterns a year, spring and fall. New toile patterns are displayed at fabric conventions and make their way into sto... Read More »