Does Zinc Alleviate Body Odor?

Answer Bromhidrosis (body odor) can be caused by one of our sweat glands (not eccrine, just apocrine), by the foods we eat (onions, hot red peppers, garlic) and by poor hygiene habits (not washing our hai... Read More »

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What Does Zinc Oxide Do in Skin Cream?

Topical zinc oxide (ZnO) is a white powdered mineral and common ingredient in diaper rash creams. It is also effective in treating skin irritation and wounds. There are no reported side effects, bu... Read More »

What does the shape of your body tell you about your health?

On One Hand: Body Shape Can Help Predict Health RiskBody shape can be used to predict the risk of diseases related to obesity, such as coronary artery disease and diabetes. If you carry your extra ... Read More »

What does smoking Pot do to your Body?

Aside from the tar in your lungs, pot has a psychological affect in that you get rather lethagic

What does diabetes do to your body?

Good question.If you have diabetes, prolonged blood sugar extremes can cause you to lose consciousness. This is known as a diabetic coma. Both very high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and very low blo... Read More »