What does youth in sports help with?

Answer On One Hand: The BenefitsAdolescents participating in sporting activities are subjected to a regime of physical fitness that they might not experience otherwise. This promotes an overall level of g... Read More »

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How Do Youth Sports Help Kids in Academics?

Children who participate in youth sports or physical activities may have greater academic performance. Charles Hillman, an associate professor of kinesiology at the University of Illinois, indicate... Read More »

Does youth sports build character?

On One Hand: Youth Sports Teaches Kids Many ThingsYouth sports can potentially have a very positive affect on children. Participating in sports can help children develop numerous characteristics an... Read More »

Where does the most parental violence occur at youth sports?

On One Hand: Parent Behavior in the Stands/SidelinesParents often become so wound up in the outcome of games, they can get into verbal or physical jousting matches with each other in the stands. Bu... Read More »

What Are the Lessons Learned in Youth Sports?

Gaining an understanding of the rules of a sport or achieving the skill sets needed to play aren't the only lessons learned by participating in youth sports. Children learn lessons that pertain to ... Read More »