What does your water broke mean?

Answer When a woman is going into labor with her baby, her water breaks. That means that she's ready to give birth.

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Just out of curiosity...what did it feel like when your water broke Where did it happen?

First of all Congratulations! And i completely understand you being nervous! I was over due by 8 days when my water broke, i felt like i pee'd my pants. I was at my husbands grandparents house for ... Read More »

MY BROTHER BROKE HIS SPINE! What does that mean?

You can fracture a single vertebrae which is an individual bony part which makes up the spine...For one so young at 6 years old his bones will be soft and still in the process of growth... Really ... Read More »

In pregnancy how can you tell if your water broke?

First, a quick definition of what it means when your "water breaks": your baby lives in a sac filled with amniotic fluid. In preparation for birth, this sac will eventually open, letting amniotic f... Read More »

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