What does your school give you during day 4 eating?

Answer Nothing, you have to bring your ownDune

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How soon after eating do you give vetsulin?

Vetsulin is an injectable insulin solution that reduces hyperglycemia in dogs with diabetes. According to the manufacturer, Intervet International, you should administer Vetsulin about 20 minutes a... Read More »

Does eating yogurt give you culture ?

No.... Funny story though, I just rememberd the first time I ever learnt the word 'culture' in the yougurty sence of the word.... I was up the farm and I opend a big apple juice and noticed on top ... Read More »

Does eating too much ice give a person cancer?

No that is not true, but eating ice all of the time to the extent it is bothersome to those around you is called pica. You will end up anemic and malnurished if you keep it up.

Does eating chocolate give you pimples?

only if they have peanuts or other nuts