What does your school give you during day 4 eating?

Answer Nothing, you have to bring your ownDune

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Does eating cornstarch during pregnancy cause your newborn to have white residue on the skin?

No. The film/residue is from being in the womb in water for 9 months and now being exposed to air. Check out for some good information. Have fun. Answer No.

Can eating ice cubes during pregnancy harm your baby?

Can eating a lot of salt during the day raise your blood pressure significantly?

On One Hand: Salt Increases Blood PressureSalt increases blood pressure, according to the National Institutes of Health. The more salt you eat, the higher your blood pressure can go.On the Other: O... Read More »

Does eating yogurt give you culture ?

No.... Funny story though, I just rememberd the first time I ever learnt the word 'culture' in the yougurty sence of the word.... I was up the farm and I opend a big apple juice and noticed on top ... Read More »