What does your hamstring do?

Answer The hamstring is one of the most important muscles in the body. It's function is necessary for functioning on a daily basis. The hamstring is both a mover and stabilizer.IdentificationThe hamstring... Read More »

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Best way to use bentonite clay on your hamstring?

Bentonite can be used as a wound dressing. So, it has to be used when you are dressing your wound, along with the bandages.

How to Play Sooner After Pulling Your Hamstring?

Tired of sitting on the bench because of your hams? Well here you are!

What is a hamstring?

A hamstring is the long muscle that runs from the bottom of your rear end down to your knee. The hamstring is the muscle in back of what we commonly call the "thigh."FunctionThe hamstring is used i... Read More »

What is hamstring lengthening?

A shortened hamstring muscle can cause extremely pain and may prevent a normal gait while walking. Hamstring lengthening is a surgery through which an orthopaedic surgeon extends the muscle to corr... Read More »