What does your computer need in programs and features?

Answer The microsoft components take little space, as well as the other listed applications. Why not add another hard drive?

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What computer programs do i need to keep my computer running like new?

Just don't add to many "extras" and watch for garbage you might pick up on the internet. De fragment your hard drive after you have deleted a lot of data and consider it before installing larger pr... Read More »

Does anyone know any free programs that give-you free anti virus for your computer, programs and Internet? is the home page for avast. I followed the site and you can download the software at this site… Read More »

Does it matter how many programs you install on your computer?

Rule of Thumb: Not as long as you are left with at least 1 gig of free space for virtual memory.

What Programs Do You Need to Make Your Own Video Game?

With video and computer games becoming such a big part of modern culture, it's inevitable that many players would want to try their hand at making games themselves. If you have a story to tell that... Read More »