What does yellow root look like?

Answer Yellow root is shrub-like plant that has recently grown in popularity. So much so, yellow root is now endangered. The plant is being used as a natural antibiotic and to enhance a healthy immune sys... Read More »

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Does a baby black snake look like a worm with a yellow ring around the neck?

A black racer snake is jet black as an adult. As a baby, it is often clay red and white. The adult and baby ringneck snake has a yellow, orange or brown ring around its neck, depending on its locat... Read More »

Does a mucous plug look like Clear and whitish yellow strands of mucous?

Answer It can. It looks more like nasal discharge when you have a cold. But can be pinkish as well if tniged with blood. If there's a lot of blood, my recommendation (in my non-professional opinion... Read More »

I just got my braces off like, 2 days ago and my teeth look really big and yellow... any sugestions?

Well, this means that you didn't brush enough with the braces on, so you can always get cosmetic surgery, but you should have brushed better when you had them on.

What is yellow root tea?

Yellow root tea is a beverage made from the yellow root plant (known by the scientific name Xanthorhiza simplicissima) thought to have curative properties.UseYellow root tea, made with the yellow r... Read More »