What does y= mx+ b stand for plse help?

Answer y: y-value in point (x, y)m: slope (rise over run, which means points up/down from one point to the next within the line DIVIDED BY points right/left from one point to the next within the line)x:... Read More »

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Plse help me.its urgent.please,please?

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In windows xp what does xp stand for homework help?

Xtra price for more of the same thing you had in the last issue. Rearange a few things to make it prettier and add a few drivers that you can get free from the internet and up the price is about all.

What do these lettersNC stand for.I know it means help needed.?

Hi I wanna buy a good camera for my family, plse anybody suggest me a good advanced budget camera?

The Canon HV40 is one of the last holdouts of the MiniDV tape consumer camera era, and it's still a really solid choice at a good price point. It can record and play back standard-defintion MiniDV... Read More »