What are all the rules or steps in Xeriscape?

Answer They are not rules, they are called steps. there are 7 steps in xeriscape.not zero - scape. it's zEEr (ear) iss scapethe 7 fundamentals of xeriscape...1. planning and design.2. limited turf area.3... Read More »

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What is meaning of xeriscape no water can you sound it out for me?

Go rickster! i guess i should have just pasted this one by? you already have your best answer. i'll just help out with the how to say it department if rickster doesn't mind?it's not zero - scape... Read More »

How to Xeriscape?

This front yard near Salt Lake City, Utah, requires minimal wateringXeriscaping is a conceptual form of gardening that uses drought-tolerant plants and grasses to beautify a home or business. Xeris... Read More »

Xeriscape Plants in Colorado?

Plants native to Colorado are the best choice for xeriscaping because they have adapted to local conditions, but any plants that require little rainfall and no supplemental water are also appropria... Read More »

XERISCAPE info please.?

Oh, you want the official list do you? i assume by official you mean approved by your local water authority? so why not ask them for the list? i just happen to know they have a very colorful boo... Read More »