What Does Working Per Diem Mean?

Answer When you apply for some jobs, you sometimes hear the term "per diem." Many people don't know what that actually means or what it entails. Per diem is a Latin term for "per day" and is widely used b... Read More »

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What does working title mean?

A working title is a name given to a piece of writing during its production. It will probably not be the final name of the piece, but it should give the writer a sense of what the piece will be abo... Read More »

What does the phrase working knowledge mean?

Someone with a working knowledge of something is familiar with it and can use it, without knowing exactly how it works. The person knows just enough to be functional. Someone with a working knowled... Read More »

What does UPS Blue mean?

The United Parcel Service of America--or UPS--first began, and then halted, its air operations in 1929. The company relaunched the practice of flying packages via airline cargo holds in 1953, offer... Read More »

What does The air is blue mean?

when a senior officer walks into the room