Why do small children clench their fists while sleeping?

Answer Parents want to see a happily sleeping baby when checking on their newborn; coming across a baby with balled up fists may seem troubling. However, tightly clenched fists are usually of no concern.T... Read More »

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Your dad used to beat you up with his belt or fists or anything at hand and called you names like worthles piece crap or an SOB and such - is that why you are so shy?

This can absolutely cause a person to feel shy. When a parent, who is supposed to be the very person a child can turn to for protection is the one the child needs protectection from, this can have ... Read More »

Is Terry Farrell the voice person for Oil of Olay?

Terry Farrell does not provide the voiceover for the Oil of Olay commercials; that is actually Christine Lahti. You may have seen Christine Lahti in "Chicago Hope," "Ally McBeal" or, most recently,... Read More »

Who's hotter, Colin Farrell or Michael Fassbender?

Michael Fassbender. Also, his accent is lovely!

What is the degree for an ESPN anchorman?

You can really major in anything to be an ESPN anchor, you just have to have the personality and the know how about the business. I'd recommend majoring in journalism, broadcasting, and/or women st... Read More »