What does wikipedia want all that money for?

Answer Technological hardware and the staff to service it,but also:board members, lawyers, PR firms, hush money, etc.Guess which of those two categories gets a bigger piece of the pie?

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I want to be a famous person of the world and i want that wikipedia create a page for me. How can i get thats?

I want to make money online with something that works. What is the best program out there?

Making money online can be a real challenge, and I can tell from your question that you have probably looked at a lot of the hype that is out there. You are right to believe that most of it is hype... Read More »

How does wikipedia survive without advertisements and money What is source of it's income?

It survives on donations from gullible people. The Wikimedia Foundation raises several million dollars each year, even though one million dollars would be quite enough to keep the website running a... Read More »

What do donors to Wikipedia think their money is helping pay for What does it actually pay?

When examining the Wikimedia Foundation ("WMF") Annual Plan for the current fiscal year (2010-2011), I found this spending breakdown:Salaries and wages:$ 8,972,000 (44%)Internet hosting: $ 1... Read More »