What does white, watery discharge mean?

Answer Different Types of DischargeWhite: Thick, white discharge is common at the beginning and end of your cycle. Normal white discharge is not accompanied by itching. If itching is present, thick white ... Read More »

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What does watery discharge mean for girls?

if the girl is pregnant this could mean she is  in labor  needs to go see a dr ASAP if she is not pregnant some discharge is ok as long as it is not yellow green or wight

What does it mean if your two months late with period and have clear slimy discharge and sometimes white lumpy discharge and pregnancy test is negative?

What does white discharge mean during the last weeks of pregnancy?

What does it mean if you ovulated late and had white or clear discharge five days after ovulation?

AnswerI don't think it means anything, Usually a whitish or clear discharge means that you are going through ovulation. Remember you can get pregnant before or right after ovulation. AnswerI belie... Read More »