How white trash should I let my facial hair get?

Answer you should go with the waxed handlebar mustache + soul patch, Guy Fawkes style

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What do you consider white trash comfort food?

Ramen noodles right out of the bag. Ummm. Or my personal fave, mac n' cheese mixed with a can of mushroom soup and a pound of browned hamburger meat.

"white trash" party food?

twinkies, and ho hos, or anything of the sortpig n a blanketcheese sandwichesspampork n beansgritsribscorn breadmoonshinepulled pork sandwichesslawtater saladmac n cheesedeviled eggs

White Trash Party Food Ideas?

The term "white trash" usually represents all things tacky and unrefined. The people whom you'd refer to as white trash are stereotyped as those living in trailer parks and getting caught up in rid... Read More »

Other than a keg of cheap beer what do I need for a white trash bash?

sturdy locks or a bouncer to keep them out of your house, skynard's greatest hits, any type of food as long as it is fried, a nice selection of 15yr old girls, don't bother with trash cans or ash... Read More »