What does it mean when a trash liner states micron?

Answer In addition to having a volumetric capacity, trash liners have thicknesses, or a gauge. A low-density liner ranges from .35 to four mil, while a high density liner is typically between six and 24 m... Read More »

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What do you consider white trash comfort food?

Ramen noodles right out of the bag. Ummm. Or my personal fave, mac n' cheese mixed with a can of mushroom soup and a pound of browned hamburger meat.

Other than a keg of cheap beer what do I need for a white trash bash?

sturdy locks or a bouncer to keep them out of your house, skynard's greatest hits, any type of food as long as it is fried, a nice selection of 15yr old girls, don't bother with trash cans or ash... Read More »

"white trash" party food?

twinkies, and ho hos, or anything of the sortpig n a blanketcheese sandwichesspampork n beansgritsribscorn breadmoonshinepulled pork sandwichesslawtater saladmac n cheesedeviled eggs

How white trash should I let my facial hair get?

you should go with the waxed handlebar mustache + soul patch, Guy Fawkes style