Okay I have a Mac and This Annoying Robot Voice Keeps Talking Whatever I type or whatever site I'm on?

Answer Should be easy to fix- Go to the apple menu (upper left corner of your desktop), select system preferences, then Universal Access, then turn Voice Over OFF. You might have hit Command F5 by accident!

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Why does a migraine or whatever it is start in the left side of the face?

I found this on a link that i was reading after i saw your question. hope this helps & hope u feel better soon. -> i, I have recently experienced sensitivity to one side of my face, including neck ... Read More »

Does Weed (pot, Grass whatever) have any long term effects?

Yeah, weed dissintegrates your brain cells, leaving the person with fewer and fewer of them every time it is used. And the person gets dumber and dumber, and more air-headed and just turns out to ... Read More »

Does it looks like i have man boobs or ****** **** or whatever you want to call it?

Yup, you've got man boobs bigger than most women I know.

Help!My laptop is really slow and sometimes it does whatever it wants to?

email me what internet do u have its something in teh backround or something got updated um or its ur virus protecter working inteh backround and you cant see it email me with info on your internet... Read More »