What does waxing nostalgic mean?

Answer "Waxing nostalgic" is a term that means to grow nostalgic or have a bittersweet longing for the past. The term "wax" was once commonly used as a verb to describe an increase in something's number o... Read More »

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At what age does a man stop waxing and says, “this is my hairy back world, love me for who I am!" ?

Tim, I always say "a Hairy Back World is a happy world.". Put away your strips of wax, your depilatories, and your razor blades. Show me a hirsute behind and I'll show you the way forward!

Nostalgic names for twins?

- Cartoons - Casper Nigel.Lillian Nala.- Casper, "Capser The Friendly Ghost"- Nigel, "The Wild Thornberries"- Lillian, "Rugrats"- Nala, "The Lion King"______________________________________…- Pet... Read More »

Nostalgic Christmas Ideas?

Whether it's a family get-together or a dinner party with friends, you want your Christmas event to be special. If you wish to have an old-fashioned Christmas, there is not necessarily a lot of pla... Read More »

Digital devices making nostalgic sounds?

SkeuomorphismIt is to give users a familiar sensation of the old way of doing things, or a faux retro/nostalgic feel.